Unit: Historical Analysis of LIterature

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Unit Description

A slice of the history and culture of the Middle East as lived by the author of the graphic novel Persepolis, with a focus on multiple intelligence learning styles.


The Lay of the Land: Iran Resources: 11

Students will know the relative location of Iran and identify geographical influences on the region

Iran in Demographics (Math connections) Resources: 17

Students will be able to interpret pie and bar graphs of demographic information Students will understand class differences and what they imply in Iranian society Students will understand religious diversity in Iran

Reading and Analyzing "Persepolis" Resources: 3

Students will read and understand main themes of Persepolis Students will answer questions of various types with appropriate depth and references Students will identify historical references and context in the text of Persepolis

Mapping Character Relationships Resources: 4

Who are the important characters in Persepolis? What relationships do they have to each other? How can we document these relationships?

Fundamentalism and its Faces Resources: 5

Students will understand the terms “Royalist, Communists, Islamists, Fundamentalists.” Students will recognize the role attire plays in delineating political groups Students will understand the controversy around the hijab for Muslim women

The Languages of the Region Resources: 10

Students will be familiar with the major languages spoken in the Middle East Students will recognize letter types associated with Arabic and/or Farsi Students will write or trace their names in either language

Muslim Americans: More diverse than you think Resources: 13

Students will compare common stereotypes about Muslim-Americans to facts Students will understand facts relating to emotional controversies

Decisions Based on Values Resources: 4

Students will identify their personal values Students will understand that decision-making is driven by values

Persepolis Resources: 2

Students will compose an essay with a coherent thesis Students will analyze structure and/or content of Persepolis

Assessment and Project Resources: 1

Students will demonstrate mastery of key vocabulary Students will create an autobiographical story in graphic format


Unit Resources

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