Unit: Environmental Science

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Environmental Science Essential Questions

Introducing biotic and abiotic factors Resources: 3

YWBAT: 1)Identify and explain the difference between living and non-living things 2)Define biotic, abiotic and ecology

Categorizing the levels of an ecosystem Resources: 2

By analyzing pictures and making observations, YWBAT: Identify and explain the categories that ecologists use to organize ecosystems.

Methods of population sampling Resources: 4

YWBAT:Explain the various methods used to estimate the population size of a particular species.

Calculating total population size and population density Resources: 4

YWBAT: Calculate population density

Investigating factors that effect population sizes (limiting factors) Resources: 1

YWBAT: 1) Explain, in detail, at least three factors that can affect the size of a population. 2) Define limiting factors and explain how they can impact the size of a population.

Food chains Resources: 7

YWBAT: <br>1) Create a food chain <br>2) Explain the difference between a producer, consumer and decomposer

Food Webs and Levels of Consumers Resources: 4

YWBAT: 1) Identify and explain the difference between each level of consumers. 2) Create a food web that correctly depicts the energy flow between various organisms in an ecosystem

Natural selection, adaptations and lizard camouflage Resources: 2

YWBAT: 1) Model natural selection 2) Explain the role that adaptations play in the survival of a species

Amazing Adaptations Project Resources: 1

YWBAT: 1)Investigate the adaptations of various organisms to determine the role that each one plays in the survival of a species

College Road Trip and Biome Investigation Resources: 3

YWBAT: Collect and analyze climate and geographical data to determine the biomes of your 3 favorite colleges or universities.

Using Cooperative Learning to Investigate the Flow of Matter and Energy in an Ecosystem Resources: 5

YWBAT 1) State and explain trophic levels 2) Analyze the important role(s) that each trophic level plays in an ecosystem 3) Explain the sources of energy in food and how it is produced, transferred and recycled in ecosystems.

Natural Selection Part II

YWBAT: 1) Analyze the factors that can determine the appearance of a species


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