Unit: Nonfiction reading (part 1)

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Unit Description

This is the third unit of the school year. I've found that most of my readers don't know how to tackle reading a nonfiction text. This unit introduces nonfiction reading by teaching students the basic text features they will encounter while reading nonfiction. The unit also teaches students some of the basic ways that students can tackle reading nonfiction. For example, in the lesson, read the page in many directions, students learn to read all of the information presented on a page in a systematic way. Embedded in the unit, is nonfiction independent reading. During this unit, my students switch from reading fiction for their IR to reading nonfiction. After this unit, they may continue to read either independently.


Fiction vs. Nonfiction Resources: 9

SWBAT differentiate between fiction and nonfiction texts. SWBAT list features of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Identify nonfiction text features (part 1) Resources: 11

SWBAT identify and use text features related to nonfiction texts. (table of contents, section headings, photographs, captions)

Identify Nonfiction Text Features (part 2) Resources: 11

SWBAT identify and use text features related to nonfiction reading. (inset text box, bolded vocabulary, glossary, index)

Nonfiction Feature Analysis Resources: 9

SWBAT locate specific text features in nonfiction texts and categorize them on a feature analysis chart.

You don't need to start at the beginning Resources: 7

SWBAT recoginze that nonfiction texts have numerous entry points for reading depending on your purpose for reading the text.

Read the page in many directions Resources: 7

SWBAT understand that nonfiction texts can be read from bottom to top, right to left, circular, or randomly depending on the book's design and the reader's purpose for reading.

Reread portions of text to clarify meaning Resources: 6

SWBAT reread portions of the text that are difficult or confusing to clarify meaning.

Find the main idea and supporting details Resources: 7

SWBAT find the main idea and supporting details in a section of nonfiction text.

Use context clues to determine meaning Resources: 6

SWBAT identify and use context clues to identify unknown vocabulary words in a nonfiction text.

Is this the right book for me? Resources: 5

SWBAT identify what makes a "just-right" nonfiction book in terms of text level and features.


Unit Resources

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Good readers of nonfiction  


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