Lesson: Units of Time

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT convert units of time from minutes to hours, days to weeks, and weeks to months.

Lesson Plan

Materials Needed: pencils, Do Now Worksheet, Units of time chart, GP Worksheet, and IND worksheet.

Vocabulary: elapsed time, week, days, month, units
Do Now (3-5 min): Students begin by answering a riddle about calendar elapsed time. 
Opening (2-3 min): Teacher begins reviewing some of the student’s answers to the Do Now. 
State objective at end of the opening, “Yesterday we learned about how to calculate elapsed time on a calendar. Today we are going to focus on the different units we use to measure time.”
Direct Instruction (10 min): After defining a unit, the class completes a KWL on what they know about units of time.  [Unit: a specific quantity for measuring a period of time.] Then show the chart and discuss what a unit of time can be. Then walk the students through two riddles. 
Example 1: Your allowance is $2 per week. How much money will you receive over the entire year?
1. What do you need to know?
         A: How many weeks in a year (52)
2. Select operation to solve the problem
          A: + , - , * , /
3. Multiply $2 * 52 
  A:  $104
Example 2: On an average school year there are 175 days in a school year. On average how many weeks would that be. Note: a week is considered to be 7 days for this problem. 
1. What do you need to know?
          A: How many days in a week (7)
2. Select operation to solve the problem
          A: + , - , * , /
3. Divide 175 / 7
  A: 25 weeks
Guided Practice (5-10 min): Students work through the same problems the teacher went over on the board, but must show work. 
Independent Practice (5-7 min): Students return to desks, as teacher passed out IND practice sheet. 
Closing (3-5min): Teacher calls the attention of the students back toward the front of the class to review objective for today. The students complete the L part of the KWL. Then the students complete the 5 question quiz.  

Lesson Resources

IND Units of Time   Classwork
GP Units of Time   Classwork
DN elapsed time calendar 2   Starter / Do Now
GO kwl   Activity
Chart Time Units   Other


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