Lesson: Elapsed Time: Calendar

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT compute elapsed time using a calendar.

Lesson Plan

Materials Needed: pencils, Do Now Worksheet, Calendar template, and IND worksheet.
Vocabulary: elapsed time, week, days, month, 
Do Now (5 min): Students begin by answering some questions about how to measure time.
Opening (2-3 min): Teacher begins reviewing some of the student’s answers to the Do Now.  Ask the student’s why they think you assigned them this for their Do Now? 
State objective at end of the opening, “Yesterday we reviewed the steps to tell elapsed time to the minute, by creating our own guides and schedules. Today we are going to learn about how to calculate elapsed time using a calendar. ”
Why is it important to know how many days are in a month? Or a year? What about weeks in a year?
Direct Instruction (10 - 12 min): Being with a discussion: Why is it important to know how many days are in a month? Or a year? What about weeks in a year? Why might that information be useful to know? 
Activity: Today we are going to learn how to answer questions about elapsed time when using a calendar.  If someone asked you how many days until your birthday, how would you figure it out? Remember that if you move down 1 row on a calendar you have counted 1 week. Every time you move down a row it equal 1 week or 7 days.
1. Count the number of month/days between now and DOB
Ok , I am going to use this calendar (provide copy for each student).” Watch as I put a circle around today’s date. Now I am going to put an X on my birth date, so I know where to stop counting. Ok, now I am ready to count the days until my birthday.” Call on student to answer how many days until teacher’s birthday.
Second Example: Amber wants to mark the last day of school for 2011. She knows that the last day of school is 3 days after the 2nd Tuesday of the month. What is the last day of school.
1. Locate the 2nd Tuesday of the month
2. Count 3 days from that (don’t skip weekends)
3. Arrive at your answer! 
Guided Practice (5-10 min): Students use the calendar to figure out how many days until their birthday, and then their partner’s birthdays. Then can check each other’s answers when finished. Teacher should circulate to assist for understanding.
Independent Practice (5-7 min): Students return to desks, as teacher passed out IND practice sheet. 
Closing (3-5 min): Teacher calls the attention of the students back toward the front of the class to review objective for today. The students will then complete the 5 question quiz.  

Lesson Resources

DN Time Measures   Starter / Do Now
IND elapsed time calendar   Classwork
GP Calendar Birthday Activity   Activity
Chart Days in month   Exemplar


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