Lesson: Elapsed Time: Real Life Scenarios

Tara Smith E.l. Haynes Pcs Washington, DC
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Lesson Objective

SWBAT compute elapsed time using real life scenarios

Lesson Plan

Materials Needed: pencils, bus schedules, mock plane schedules, tv guides, movie schedules, and GP template.
Vocabulary: digital, elapsed time, minute, interval, hour, o'clock, minute hand, and hour hand
Do Now (5 min): Students begin by with a stop and jot. The prompt on the board will be: Think of all the places, situations, or times you it may be helpful to know how to calculate elapsed time. GO!”
Opening (3-5 min): Teacher begins reviewing some of the student’s answers to the Do Now.  Praise for creativity. Tell the students that you know they have worked hard with elapsed time, but even though they have made progress you aren’t sure they REALLY understand the concept. So today we are going to think about how elapsed time is relevant to our lives, and why (besides rocking the DC-CAS and Anet) it is important that we are able to calculate and understand it. 
State objective at end of the opening, “ Yesterday we learning the steps to tell elapsed time to the minute, with analog clocks. Today we are going to make a schedule or guide to illustrate when we use elapsed time in our lives!”
Direct Instruction/Guided Practice/Independent Practice (30 min): The teacher directs her full attention to the students and asks a student to read the steps to calculating elapsed time (should be a chart in the class). Practice with one example and then explain the project to the students. If they do not complete it in class they should complete it for homework. 
Example 1: 2:26 pm – 4:47 pm
1. Determine the start and end time, PAY ATTENTION TO AM/PM
2. Calculate the whole hours =1 hours (Note: may need to round up/down)
3. Count up the minutes = 34 + 47 = 81 min  (Note: adding the difference to first hour)
4. Convert to hours, if necessary = 81 min = 1 hour 21 min (Note: 60 minutes in an hour)
5. Add to find total elapsed time = 1 hr + 1 hr 21 min = 2 hrs  21 min
Beginning with the examples the students suggested in their Do Now, discuss where and when we need to calculate elapsed time at least 2 examples. (Example: What if you want to go to the movies? You know it starts at 2:30pm and lasts for 97 minutes. What time do you get out? What time does your mom need to come get you?). Then tell the students that they will create a schedule or guide that is relevant to them.  See templates.
Closing (3-5 min): Teacher calls the attention of the students back toward the front of the class to review objective for today. The students are asked to clean up their desks, before they complete the 5 question quiz.  

Lesson Resources

IND TV Guide Template   Activity
GP IND Bus Schedule Template   Activity
Example Bus Schedule   Exemplar


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