Lesson: Telling Time: 5 and 1 minute intervals

Tara Smith E.l. Haynes Pcs Washington, DC
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Lesson Objective

SWBAT tell time to the five-minute and one-minute interval.

Lesson Plan

Materials Needed: analog clocks (can be made from paper plate or card stock), pencils,  Do Now worksheet, IND worksheet and quiz.

Vocabulary: analog, minute, interval, hour, o'clock, minute hand, and hour hand


Do Now (5-7min): Students begin this lesson by reviewing how to tell time to the quarter hour with a worksheet.
Opening (2-3min): Teacher begins by reviewing telling time to the quarter hour. Using a demonstration clock the teacher gets a pulse on the how the class is with telling time to the quarter hour the day after the lesson. 
State objective at end of the opening, “Great job everyone! Yesterday we worked on telling time to the four quarters on a clock. Today we are going to master telling time to the one-minute!”

Direct Instruction (5-8min): Use demonstration clock to reinforce when the minute hand is point to a number it is an interval of 5. In unison have the class count by 5s as you move the minute hand around the clock. Then randomly point the minute hand to 4 different numbers.  Call on individual students to answer which minute it represents (ie, 5=25, 8=40, 11=55, and 2 =10).  Explain to students that the lines between each number signify a single minute, so that if the minute hand was one line past the 1 to tell the time we would have to realize that the 1=5 minutes and add 1 more minute to it so that it would be 2:06.  Demonstrate 1-2 more times with larger numbers (ie, minute hand on 3 past 8, 8=40 +3 = 43 minutes).
Point out to students that there is always only 4 lines between each number! Then ask how many minutes passed between the 3 and the 6, and so forth. Once the students understand that there are 4 quarters on a clock face, move on to following activity. 
Guided Practice (7-10 min): Teacher then gets a pulse of the class using the demonstration clock and calling on students to read the time on the clock (ie, 2:14, 4:36, 12:57, 6:33).  Then have the students point the hour hand to the 3 and the minute hand to the 2. What time does the clock show? 3:20 Have students move the minute hands of their clocks 3 minutes past the 6. If a student has trouble ask them to count the minutes by fives as the hands pass each number until they get to 30. Once everyone has the minute and hour hand in the correct position, ask the following questions:

What time is it now? 3:33
How much time has passed? 13 minute
How did you figure out how much time had past?
Independent Practice (10 min): Teacher passes out worksheet (double sided), which requires student to both read the time and draw the hands on the clock. 
Closing (3-5 min): Teacher calls the attention of the students back toward the front of the class and collect papers. Then reviews telling time to the 5-minute and 1-minute interval. Make sure to have students explain how they arrived at the time they answer.


Lesson Resources

DN quarter hour   Starter / Do Now
DN quarter hour differentiated   Starter / Do Now
IND practice side 2   Classwork
IND practice side 1   Classwork


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