Lesson: Uncontrolled spending

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Uncontrolled spending is some of the biggest problems of many people around the world.

Typically, whenever a person receives money – either through salary or loan – he will feel exuberant and end up buying unnecessary stuff.

A ‘pleasure center’ (one of which you can find on our website). is also common among many people, and it prompts them to buy things that can bring lots of fun – regardless of the cost. If you’re guilty of uncontrolled spending, you should stop as soon as possible.

Compromised Financial Position

If you spend out of impulse, you’d have lesser money to purchase things that really matter for you and your family. This is the situation of thousands of borrowers around the world. Instead of stowing away your cash for savings, you’d end up staring at the things you purchased. You may even need to sacrifice things for the consequences of your actions. A compromised financial position is very frustrating. It will lead to more wrong decisions in the future.


No Room for Savings

Without a room for savings, you’ll lead a life full of risks. Whenever something happens, you won’t have a contingency fund to use. This will lead you to borrow money and pay for high interest. So, you should start saving as soon as possible. Even few bills can help a lot because they will compound over time. You should even teach your kids about the importance of saving. Better yet – create a family savings stash. This stash will prompt all of you to save money and acquire bigger savings as the years roll by.


A Miserable Life

After spending your money unwisely and you’re left with little financial options, what’s next for you? Now, you have a miserable life for the coming years. You’ll be stressed upon knowing that you have no savings to cover key situations in your life. You may even rely on fast cash loans just to get by. Surely, you don’t want that kind of life, right? Well, it’s not yet too late. Envision the life you want, then take realistic steps towards that vision. Know what things are at stake if you continuously give in to your spending impulses.


Proper planning is the key to stop your impulse to spend uncontrollably. It’s important to create a financial plan so that you’d know how much money is coming in and going out per month. Eventually, you will become a responsible spender and you’d be able to control your life.


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