Lesson: Learn by Teaching (Quarterly Capstone)

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Lesson Objective

Students review skills and cement their mastery and that of peers by teaching a lesson on a recently acquired skill

Lesson Plan

Once a quarter or so, I use this project to review and reinforced acquired skills. Students are assigned groups and groups draw a recently learned skill from a hat. They generally already have a Genius Card on a ring in their binder that guides them through how to do a problem that uses this skill, so they reference that to job their memory. On Monday, I explain the project and the groups assign roles and generate example problems. On Tuesday, it is important to review their example problems and answers for relevancy and accuracy-- You really have to watch this!! On Wednesday, they script and practice their lesson, but they have to turn in their practice problems so that I can make the homework assignment. On Thursday night, students will do the assignments given to them by their peers. With that one exception, all other classroom routines stay the same. On Thursday and Friday, groups present in class. I often encourage audience participation by giving a Free Space for next week's Bingo Card to anyone who asks a relevant question during a lesson. 

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