Lesson: Games for Increased Exposure

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Lesson Objective

Students get more practice on recently taught skills via games with peers (works for all ages)

Lesson Plan

Some types of games I use to beef up the practice and dial back the pace on the presentation of new math skills:

Spinner Games: Use a simple 6-part "pie" template and write questions of varying difficulty in each slice. If you make this on paper, a pencil stuck through the middle with a paperclip will make a great spinner. If you do it on a white board, you can spin a pencil or roll a coin on its side. If you do it on the overhead, you might invest in a plastic spinner at a game store. If all else fails, number the slices and pass out dice. Students use white boards to solve the problem they land on, others in the group check their work and award them points if correct. 

Musical Equations: Write as many equations on the board (helps if you have lots of white boards around the room) as you have students. This works best when they are multi-step equations. Otherwise, you can line up several equations vertically and divide the board into sections. Play a song that they really like (contemporary but appropriate). This works like musical chairs, in that it is quiet while students work on problems, but they have to move while the music is playing. When it stops, they have to work on the problem in front of them. Only allow a couple of seconds, so that they can only do a step or two. 

Solution Matching Games: (see Substitution lesson)

White Board Quizzes: (see Assessment lesson)

Computer Games: Students can practice solving equations on these sites --http://lpsmath.org/PRIME/PrimeInterface.swf choose Prime and then Equations and Algebra Topics. You can log in as "guest" with the same as the password.

http://www.math-play.com/One-Step-Equation-Game.html there are several equation games

http://mathsnet.net/algebra/l1_equation.html here are also several levels of difficulty

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