Lesson: Modeling the Distributive Property

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Lesson Objective

Students will model the distributive property to help them understand how to use the distributive property when applying operations to write equivalent expressions 7.EE.1 Apply properties of operations as strategies to add, subtract, factor, and expand linear expressions with rational coefficients. Standard #4 for Mathematical Practices: Model with mathematics

Lesson Plan

Materials needed per student

10 Skittles and 12 M&M's

handout - Candy Distributing



1. Distribute candy and papers to students.

2. Using projector model putting 3 groups of 2 skittles and 3 groups of 4 M&M's in the box in number 1.

3. Write the algebraic expression for the situation on the line: 3(2s + 4m). 

4. Write out 2s + 4m three times to show repeated addition

                               2s + 4m

                               2s + 4m

                               2s + 4m

5. Walk student through the addtion, 2s+2s+2s= 6s    4m+4m+4m=12m so the final answer is 6s + 12m. Write this on the total line.

6. Ask students another way to figure our the answer to repeated addition (multiplication).  Compare adding 2+2+2 to multiplying 2 times 3.  Compare 4+4+4 to multiplying 4 times 3.

7. Rewrite the algeraic expression 3(2s + 4m)

8. Write the simplified expression 6s + 12m

9. Give students time to work out each step in # 2, correct ing and discussing as a class as each step it completed.

10. Have students work on 3 and 4 independently - have them draw to record where they put each M&M adnd Skittle.

11. Correct

12. Assign the rest of the pages for independent work - student should make simple drawing to represent each of the items. Students can complete as homework if needed.



Lesson Resources

Candy distributing.doc  


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