Lesson: Learning More from Pictures

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Lesson Objective

Readers learn more about a topic by studying the pictures SWBAT identify 2 pieces of information they are learning from the pictures in their ‘just-right’ book (put on a post-it)

Lesson Plan



Readers learn more about a topic by studying the pictures

SWBAT identify 2 pieces of information they are learning from the pictures in their 'just-right' book (put on a post-it)



We have been learning about non-fiction texts and how to use the features of a text to guide us as we read.  One of the most noticeable text features of a book are the pictures. Remember when you were first learning how to read, and the pictures would sometimes tell you about a word you didn't know in the sentence? Well, in non-fiction texts, a picture can STILL give us helpful information. Sometimes, the pictures tell us more that the whole text!



Today I'm going to teach you that readers learn more about a topic by studying the pictures.


This is important because even though the text gives us lots of information about the topic, the pictures bring our topic to life by showing us real-life examples of what's being talked about.


Watch me as I read the text on the page and then study the pictures to learn more information about weather in 'Watching the Weather.' (p.6 Weather Tools) This page tells me about a rain gauge. By looking at the picture, I can see exactly how the rain is collected and how it is measured. It looks like a ruler! I see how easy it is for scientists to see how much it has rained.


Active Engagement:

Now it's your turn! Let's look p.14 where we talk about satellites. (Turn to p.14 and read all of the text) Now, let's look at the picture below. what additional information are we learning about satellites from the pictures?


Check for Understanding: Write the additional information you learned on a post-it OR share with a partner.


Do we all have the same new information? Why might some of us have different discoveries? (schema, making connections, etc)



Today and everyday when you are reading, remember you can learn more about your topic by studying the pictures.


Today you will read your non-fiction books and ask "What other information am I learning from the pictures in my text?"



This is a picture of ____________. It shows me more about ___________________.



What went well? The examples in the book were very helpful because they were two objects that the kids had never seen before. A description wouldn't have been enough for them to truly understand what it looked like. They were actually able to get a picture and have thoughts about additional purposes of the satellite and rain gauge.



What would you change?  It's hard to predict what kid's answers will be, and sometimes the schema and connections they will have with the reading. Also, it's important to pick a text that IS 'just-right' for all of them, otherwise they won't be able to make any connections.



What needs explaining? It helps to have the visual of the pictures in the book to make sense of the lesson, but any book with new objects/concepts explained and then pictured should work fine. 

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