Lesson: Three Sentences and an Inference

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to write three sentences and then make an inference based on those sentences

Lesson Plan


Yesterday we found out what characters are like by inferring.  When we inferred about a character we went beyond what the words were saying and thought about what those words meant about that character.  We made inferences using I infer about… because… Then we investigated in our books a character and labeled some inferences from those characters.  Today I am going to show you how you can make inferences about a special place, time, season, or area of your book.


 Today I want to teach you how you a few sentences can tell you so much about a place or a time.  You can use what you know and what you are being told to make an inference or a location.   


Watch me as I read these sentences:  Read sentences.

It is a huge building with so many rooms.

I see bright colored walls and pictures that have been hand made with paint and  crayons.

I hear laughter and it sounds like people are learning.

From those sentences I can infer that my character is a in a school.  See how I gave a few sentences to allow you to make an inference about where my character was.


Active Engagement:  You try giving your partner a few words about a place.  See if they can make an inference about that place using the words

That you are given them.

Appropriate talk:  I can infer that you are….


So today and every day I want you to be thinking about things that might be happening that aren’t directly said and also most importantly use strong writing so that people have the chance to infer things from your writings!


Independent Work:

Create 3 sentences that someone can make an inference about, then pass it to a partner and have them make an inference based on your three sentences. 

Lesson Resources

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