Lesson: Inferences based on Characters

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to make an inference based on a character.

Lesson Plan


Do-Now:  Draw a picture on a piece of paper, write an inference that you can make based on the picture that you drew.


Connection:  Yesterday we learned how not just words but pictures can tell us so much about what a story is about.  We learned that by looking at the pictures we can make inferences.  When we make inferences we are identifying things that are happening in the story without them directly being said. Today I want to teach you how to make inferences about a character.  


Today I want to teach you how to make inferences about a character by asking yourself what does the story tell me about him or her?  Him or her being the character.   


Watch me as I read this story about…. Put characters name.. A character in the book… I do not know a lot of things about this character just what the words are telling me.  But by inferring I can make an inference about what this character is like.  I would like to call this getting to know my character.  I am going to read this book and as I read I am going to make notes about what I am learning about this character by 3 things:  what the character says, what the character does, and what the character looks like.      


Active Engagement:  pick a supporting character and have students make inferences.

Appropriate talk:  I infer that this character is like… because….


So today and everyday I want you to think beyond what the words are just telling you about a character or what that character is doing.  I want you to think about what you can find out about your character by their actions and words in the book. 


Independent Work:  Students will write down the characters name:  Describe the Character and then make an inference based on the character. 


Lesson Resources

Inferences based on characters   Activity


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