Lesson: Inferences based on Pictures

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to make inferences based on pictures.

Lesson Plan



Objective:  Students will be able to determine an inference based on a picture in a text.


Do-Now:  Collect, find, and cut out pictures from books, magazines, newspapers, etc.


When we  zoom in on main idea of texts by asking ourselves:  What is this story mostly about!  When we answered the questions we used a strong single sentence that identified the main idea of the story.  Today we are going to be using our brains extra hard and doing something called making inferences!  We make inferences by thinking ahead about something that’s going to be happening in the story. If I infer something I have a reason to think something is happening.  Today I want to teach you how to make inferences! 


Teach/Model:  Today I want to teach you how to make inferences by using the pictures of a story to tell you what you think is going to happen in the story.  We will do this by looking at the pictures and noticing things and then writing them down.   

Watch me as I read this story.  Oh wait!  Can I read this story?  This story has no words?  Do you think a story can be a story with no words?  Let’s give it a try.  I have a feeling making inferences is going to help!  I look at these pictures and I am thinking to myself what is happening in these pictures.  What can I say is going on and I can prove what I am saying by looking at my picture.  Teacher goes through the book and puts words to the pictures by making inferences. 


Active Engagement:  Turn and talk:  pick a page and have students infer what is happening. 

Appropriate talk:  “I infer….”


Link:  So readers today and every day when you have a story with pictures I want you to think about what you can say about that story without using the words in the book.  You can do this by looking at the picture and using the words, “I can infer by”.


Independent Practice:  Students will find the pictures from their do-now picture search and make inferences based on the picture. They will copy, paste, or draw the picture and then make an inference based on the picture that they see.

Can be done in guided reading groups, using independent books, based on a class novel, etc.



Lesson Resources

Inferences to make Pictures Resource  


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