Lesson: Pigman Project

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Lesson Objective

students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the text by completing a performance task which requires summary, creativity and analyzing the text.

Lesson Plan

The Pigman -- Final Project

You must complete 3 out of the 6 activities below 

  1. Rewrite a chapter from Mr. Pignati's point of view. Be sure to include the dialogue as it is, but change the exposition around it. Show what Mr. Pignati is thinking and feeling about John and Lorraine.
  2. Think about the Pigman's psychology quiz. If you had to match one of the novel's characters with each of the characters from the quiz, who would be whom? Explain why you think so using examples from the book.
  3. Pick several of the symbols that appear in the book. (Examples: the three monkeys at Beekman's, Bobo and the zoo, the cemetery, Mr. P's pig collection, even Norton) Draw, or otherwise graphically represent, at least 4 or 5. Use a quote under each to label it. Explain what each represents and how it is used to further the story.
  4. A to Z Book for the novel. · 26 sentences—A-Z—that "capture" the book and its characters, themes, plot, lessons to be learned, etc. · Illustrated! · Bonus for good use of vocabulary words.
  5. Book Cover!  · Summary—include at least two quotes.  Review—why should someone read this book, what can we learn from it?  Blurbs  · Appropriate Front and Back Graphics.
  6. Write an essay exploring who's at fault (if anyone) for Mr. Pignati's death. You may conclude that the responsibility should be shared. Whatever you conclude, be sure to back up what you say with quotes and examples from the novel.

Lesson Resources

The Pigman Rubric for Projects   Project


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