Lesson: Sentence Rummy

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to write sentences using correct parts of speech.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students will complete an assignment in the context clues do now packet


(Teacher Says)
Today we are going to review the 8 parts of speech by playing grammar rummy.  We are also going to practice using all 8 parts of speech when we write.sentences. Before we start Grammar Hung and Writing let's Reveiw

Direction Instruction:
As a whole class students will answer these questions, in preparation
Review Questions: What are the 8 parts of speech? Can i have an example of an adjective? Can someone please use a propostion in a sentence? I need to know the correct way to use an adverb? What's a conjunction?

Guided & Indpendent Practice:

1.     Students, as a class, suggest words to place into four lists:

o    nouns

o    adjectives

o    verbs

o    adverbs

2.     One student should write the words on the chalkboard. There should be at least ten words for each list.

3.     Another student should copy each word onto a separate index card. You will need at least 52 cards. In addition to the 40 cards made from your lists, you will need five cards each for the words THE and A and two for AN.

4.     Four students can play with one deck of cards at a time. Making multiple decks will allow all the members of a class to play.

5.     Each student is dealt seven cards as in a regular game of Rummy.

6.     In order to win a hand, a student must be able to form a complete sentence from the seven cards in his or her hand.

7.     If a student does not have the right combination of cards to form a sentence, he/she is allowed to discard one card and choose another.

To add variety and make the game more challenging, try adding preposition and conjunction cards. As your students progress in their ability to play this game, up the number of cards per hand to eight, then nine, then ten. Just remember to add more cards to the deck.

Why is it important for a sentence to have proper parts of speech and punctuation.

Lesson Resources

Context Clues Do Now Exercises   Starter / Do Now


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