Lesson: Intelligent Design Intro

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Lesson Objective

SW analyze the argument for intelligent design.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Objective:

SW analyze the argument for intelligent design.

Essential Questions:

• What is the main idea advanced by intelligent design?
• What kinds of reasons and evidence are used to support intelligent design’s main idea?


LCD projector, powerpoint, video
Notes on ID

Lesson Plan: I Do

Teacher plays a few videos that introduce the concept of intelligent design, put it in context.

Lesson Plan: We Do Together

Students and teacher, together, walk through a reading that supports ID. We “kill the text” together, marking it up with topic and main idea in the column to the left of the text itself.

After the reading, we map out the concept therein in terms of a persuasive argument.

Lesson Plan: You Do

Students take a paragraph’s space to explain, in their own words and as completely as they can, the argument behind intelligent design.

1. What went well?

2. What would you change?

3. What needs explanation?

 The kids appreciate the ability to engage in some really in-depth conversation, so I did a fair amount of opening up the floor for debate, even when we weren't quite through the article. The more arguing that happens, the more refined students' view of the issue becomes.





 I'm a little skeptical of the value of showing the website that's linked. I included because it's interesting visually and because it breaks everything down to a true child's level, but it's not a rigorous approach to the issue and might lead to some lazy thinking on the part of some kids.

 The idea here is to introduce kids to the idea of intelligent design so, eventually, they can write a five-paragraph essay either endorsing it or knocking it down. It's important to phrase the issue that way, and not as a question as to whether evolution happened--the kids don't really have the perspective to make that argument intelligently. But they can learn enough to figure that intelligent design is a self-defeating line of reasoning. (Of course, you should allow them to come to that conclusion themselves, as much as possible... they'll resist anything they feel being jammed down their throats.)

Lesson Resources

Kids' introduction to Intelligent Design
Lesson ID   Reading Passage


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