Lesson: Adjectives & Adverb Taboo

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify and use properly adjectives and adverbs.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students will complete an assignment in the context clues do now packet.

Teacher Says)
Today we are going to focus on adjectives and adverbs. Let's review what adjectives and adverbs are by using some in a sentence.  I will say a sentence and I need a student volunteer to add ajectives or adverbs or both:

The shirt is wrinkled.
Tuesday it will rain
Deja walked to the store
Terrence watches football. 

Direct Instruction:
Today we are going to play Adjective and Adverb Taboo.  It is similar to the board game Taboo.  Before we begin to play we all must write simple sentences on a sheet of paper. An example would be: The child laughed.

Guided & Independent Practice:

Divide class into four equal teams. One member chooses a slip of paper with the sentence written on it. He/she then gives up to 5 adjectives to describe the subject (ex. small, young, cute, fair-haired, or sweet to describe "child"). The team then tries to guess the subject. If they are correct, the team scores 1 point. The clue-giver then gives up to 5 adverbs to describe the verb (ex. happily, humorously, gleefully, sweetly, joyfully to describe "laughed"). If the team guesses correctly, they earn 3 points.

If the team misses either the subject or verb, the next team has an opportunity to "steal" the points by having one of their members give one clue.

The player is disqualified if he/she gives a noun instead of an adjective or a verb instead of an adverb or gives more than a one-word description.

This is a great way for students  to recognize the role of adverbs and adjectives in sentence construction.

Look around the room and pick one item in the room.  Write as many adjectives as you can describing the object.

Lesson Resources

Context Clues Do Now Exercises   Starter / Do Now


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