Lesson: Colorful Parts of Speech

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the functions of words within a sentence.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students will complete an assignment in the context clues do now packet.

(Teacher Says)
Today students we will begin a unit that focuses on parts of speech.  While much of this will be a review for many of you, understanding the parts of speech and being able to identify and use them properly when writing is essential.  These lessons will help you master parts of speech in your language develpment.

Direct Instruction:
We will begin with viewing a PowerPoint Presentation reviewing the eight parts of speech.

(Teacher will show the powerpoint to students reviewing all 8 parts of speech.  The powerpoint also provides examples of each part of speech)

Guided Practice
Have the students copy several sentences on their paper.  These are sentences that the teacher or volunteer students think of.  Sentences are dictated to the class.

Assign a particular color to each of the eight parts of speech
noun - red
verb - blue
adjective - green
adverb - orange
preposition - purple
pronoun - pink
interjection - brown
conjunction - black

Have the students underline each of the words in the sentence according to its function. 

(You may want to start with only nouns and verbs, then progressively add more parts of speech as students become more proficient)

Independent Practice:
Using large chart paper have students work in groups to write a paragraph and writing each part of speech in different colors.

(This will make for a very color display of the eight parts of speech and an achor guide for the students in the class)

Have students write 1 sentence using all 8 parts of speech.

Lesson Resources

Context Clues Do Now Exercises   Starter / Do Now
Parts of Speech   Smart Board


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