Course: Project-Based Learning for Core Subjects Intervention

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Course Description

A course that uses projects to allow students to earn credits in all four core subjects. This is designed for a credit-recovery program targeting high schoolers who have been expelled or who have dropped out and are returning to school. Student self-direction and time management choices are combined with creative and critical thinking to encourage engagement and the development of basic academic skills. In its context, this course lasts for a 3 hour block each day, and projects are completed in two school weeks.

Units and Lessons

Create and Run a Country Resources: 59

Students design an imaginary country and make decisions about how it will be run.

Design an Eco-Friendly House

Students have one million dollars to design their dream house. There's just one condition; it has to be environmentally-friendly and completely energy-self-sufficient!

Design an Orbiting Space Colony

Students participate in NASA's Space Colony contest to design an orbiting space colony where ten thousand people could live when it's time to move off of Earth!

Plan a Green Richmond (or Your City)

Design a Theme Park Resources: 19

Students will design an amusement park with a theme of an ancient civilization and plan safe thrill rides.

Rewrite the Script of Imperialism Resources: 59

Students will read Heart of Darkness, Watch Avatar and Life and Debt, and study the history of European imperialism. Students will understand the motivations for and consequences of imperialism and create 3 minute movies depicting how imperialism could have ended differently.

Revolution Metaphor Machines

I vs. We: Individualism & Collectivism, Sell Your Worldview Resources: 39

Students read iconic novels (in graphic form) and use these two frame these opposing worldviews. They then find analogies for these worldviews in mathematics and science. After identifying which they support more, students develop an ad campaign to convince people of their worldview's superiority.

Design a Clothing Line

Design the Ideal School

Build a Bike Shelter

Redemption, Healing, and Morality in Critical Perspective Resources: 67

This unit asks students to critically examine ideas about moral good in people, what makes some people saints or heroes in specific belief systems, and how authors have imagined a "bad" person can be redeemed. This unit includes lesson concerning Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Art and Media Criticism. It is meant for the interdisciplinary or project-based classroom, and for independent learners. Low readers are challenged to use accessible texts to examine their own beliefs about morality, as well as to the beliefs of others based on evidence in various art forms. This unit is critical in its posture toward the objects of study and should be explicitly presented as such to students in any environment. PLEASE read the information in the first lesson, as there is harsh and mature content in several areas of this unit that should be thoroughly reviewed before presenting the unit to students.

The Thinking Behind Museums

Sickness, Cities and Science


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