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Share resources, post questions, and collaborate with other Science teachers. When uploading documents, be sure to be specific to make it useful for others.

Units and Lessons

Backwards Planning Your Access Goal Resources: 3

Session Materials from Jan 12 ACC

Inside the Mind of a Student: A Protocol for Examining Student Work Resources: 4

Materials from the Jan 12 ACC for Science

The Art of Duct Tape: Making Content Stick

CYOA Session run by Ashley Prevost and Geoff Carlisle of KIPP Austin at Jan 12 ACC

Planning for Rigorous Student Outcomes in the Science Classroom

Session materials from the Nov 10th ACC

Effectively Intervening for Student Mastery in the Science Classroom

Session materials from the Nov 10th ACC

Science Hooks that Sizzle

Session materials from Courtney Isaak and Andrea Parks' November 10th Choose Your Own Adventure Session

“What If” and “I Think” Every Day: Scientific Inquiry as a Daily Practice Resources: 2

The K-12 Science Framework promotes daily inquiry as a best practice in science classrooms – to develop the thinking and skills students need to be scientific thinkers. This session will focus on strategies and techniques for using inquiry as a way to begin and end your lesson – every day – regardless of what content you are teaching.

Doing Laundry: Using the Cross-Cutting Concepts in Science Classrooms Resources: 3

The K-12 Science Framework promotes 7 cross-cutting concepts that re-occur in all scientific inquiry and learning from pre-K to professionals. Build your students understanding of these large – cross-cutting ideas through any content and any objective. This session will provide guidance for how to plan these into lessons each day so that students are connecting their learning at a conceptual level.

Setting Purpose in the Science Classroom Resources: 2

This session was run for second year teachers at the Sept 29th ACC. The unit includes the session deck and also, template slides to use in your own classroom.

November 16th ACC - Crafting Your Access Goal Resources: 2

Effective Engage and Explore in Science Resources: 5

CYOA 11/16/13 on planning effective engage and explore activities in science.


Course Resources

ACT session - September 2013 ACC.ppt  


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