Course: 9th Grade Pre-AP World History

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Course Description

The Pre-Advanced Placement World History course is taken by all high school freshmen at Achievement First and is structured to build a rigorous foundation in the content, skills, and habits that scholars will need to be successful in the subsequent Advanced Placement history courses of their high school careers. In brief, there are three inter-related goals of the course: 1. Master the highly conceptual content of the first half of the AP World History course, which spans from the dawn of humankind to 1450 C.E. We have intentionally decided to teach only the first half of the full AP World course so that there is additional time for skill instruction. 2. Build a rigorous foundation of college-ready skills in primary and secondary source reading, evidence-based discussion skills, and both process-based and on-demand argumentative writing skills. 3. Integrate collegiate-level historical thinking skills such as historical argumentation, chronological reasoning, and synthesis throughout the course. If we are successful in the 9th grade Pre-AP World History course, the vast majority of freshman will be prepared to take the full AP World History course in their sophomore year. In turn, scholars will be positioned to be successful in the first full AP course of their high school careers. This will further position them to engage successfully in additional AP courses in their junior and senior years, including AP United States History and AP Language and Composition. Given the compelling and consistent research revealing the strong positive correlation between Advanced Placement course participation and later college success, we believe that this intentional course sequence is the best possible means to fulfill our mission at Achievement First.

Units and Lessons

Scope and Sequence Resources: 1

Quarter 1 Units, Assessments Resources: 95

Quarter 2 Units, Assessments Resources: 107

Quarter 3 Units, Assessments Resources: 100

Quarter 4 Units, Assessments Resources: 118

Unit Planning Guidance Resources: 5

Essay Rubrics Resources: 5


Course Resources

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